Employee Theft Deterrence

Employee Performance

Peace of Mind Included

Keep tabs on how your employees are doing with the fully configurable Employee Performance module. You can:

  • See employee metrics in one view, such as average check, tip averages, table times, and more.
  • Filter results by day part, job code, or store
  • Easily track contests, incentive opportunities, and more
  • Create a healthy workplace and motivate employees

Theft Deterrent

Peace of Mind Included

Feel secure in knowing that your POS system transactions are being monitored and you can be notified immediately of any suspicious events that occur. NCR Restaurant Guard will:

  • Track suspicious transactions and common scams such as transfers, voids after check close, comps after check close and more
  • Change the controls periodically to reflect the latest theft patterns
  • Enable you to use data as a training opportunity for your employees